Friday, September 10, 2010

(eric and cathleen's wedding via DesignSponge)
Okay real honest with me here. I LOVE the idea of having everyone sit on haybales for the ceremony and I think not only would it tie in nicely, but we'd save money on rentals.
What do YOU think?
Do you think its rude (especially to the old people) to make them sit through the ceremony without a back on their seat? Could I do a couple of chairs and the rest haybales? I'm torn!


  1. Well its not like the ceremony is that long, but I think getting a couple of chairs for the old folks would be good. Plus then you could just borrow some chairs and still not have to pay for rentals! I think this is an adorable idea! Just like your an adorable idea?

  2. yea, you could do a row or two of chairs at the back and, like mandi said, you could borrow them and they'd all be different in an eclectic sort of way. you could maybe temporarily decorate them with ribbons or flowers or something to tie in with the rest of the decor.

  3. (you should get cool, thrift/antiquey chairs)

    I like the hay. Reminds me of twinkies...with vanilla frosting. :)

  4. Hey, who are you calling OLD?! :) If they're covered like that it shouldn't be too bad to sit on. I'm thinking of guests who wear nice sundresses, etc. However, you might want to consider guests who have severe allergies to hay. I have a few friends who have problems with this...otherwise, it's a cute idea!