Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day at the Office
So I work in an don't even have to know what I do there because it's irrelevant. But I will tell you this.....its just me and my boss there. That's it. And sometimes her 9 year old son. More on that later.

I've worked here for awhile. And me and my boss are good. Maybe even friends? Maybe. Anyway the other day I was a working away and drinking my morning coffee and whatta ya know I need to take a trip to the 'loo. No big deal.

15 minutes later....Man I have to pee again. That coffee was intense. Should I go now? I mean..I just went. That'd be kind of weird if I went again. I'll just hold it.

10 minutes later...Okay this is real bothersome..I'm just gonna slip back there real quietly and maybe she won't notice that I'm going again.

1 hour later....Do I seriously have to pee AGAIN? I'm just going to drink this soda and try to not think about it. Gosh going pee so many times makes me look like a bad employee. What if she cut my hours because of this? I'm totally holding it.

30 minutes later....I'm just going to play on Facebook to distract me from having to pee so I don't look like a bad employee. ...wait.

5 minutes later...The blame game starts in my head. Gosh dang you coffee...gosh dang you DP. I thought we were friends! Curse you bladder! I'll never be able to work anywhere because no one will tollerate my TBS (tiny bladder syndrome)!

1 hour later...(in serious pain at this point) My boss asks me to get something out of the back room. YES!!! I can just quick slip into the bathroom and then get what she needs. SHE'LL NEVER KNOW. Muah ha ha. I'm the sneakiest employee ever.

In the back room...9 year old son is watching Disney channel. Tra la la...grabbing office supplies. Oh Suite Life on Deck is on? Oh my goodness I love this one..

Wait. Focus. I'M AN ADULT.

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  1. you're super. and for the record, i liked the suite life, but i hate suite life on deck.

  2. Hilarious Lin! I remember that happening a few times too.

  3. Haha I love this :)!