Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love all these little collections found on Moissere. I wasn't a big collector as a kid but now I have all these things I've been wanting to collect. Such as....
1. Lamps without lampshades
2. Glass bottles
3. Yarn
4. Old books
5. Vintage suitcases


  1. ahhh vintage suitcases! i love those! i found 2 at goodwill once, but they smelled really bad. what would you do with lamps without lampshades?
    I'm working on my Charlie Chaplin collection! I have a picture...and a watch. The watch is freaking AWESOME though!

  2. I just think theyre really cool when you put them all together in one spot. (I'd probably put really dim lightbulbs on them) Charlie Chaplin watch?! SWEET.

  3. ohhh yeah with dim lightbulbs that'd be really pretty. I recently stumbleupon'd a DIY site where this chick collected all these random glasses, jars, cans, etc. and she put sweet designs on them with puffy paint and then spray painted them all white. they were pretty. i think i want to do it.

    yeah! i wore it tonight and forgot to show you! Michelle took a picture, but you need to see it in action to fully appreciate it. you also need to see the movie its based off of.

  4. btw i would be the worst blogger ever.

  5. Why would you be the worst blogger ever?

  6. haha because i'm not very good at describing things