Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So fickle...
Do you guys ever find your interior tastes changing due to the season?

I have myself convinced right now that this warm, rustic style is what I like. No doubt about it. But when Spring and Summer hit I'm sure to be back to these light airy rooms and clean lines. Oh how fickle I am.

(Images via designsponge, the selby, and the brick house)


  1. Yeah I'm in the process of redoing my room (we're redoing the entire house) and its hard to stick to one decision! I keep seeing other styles that I like, but my gut is sticking with my first idea...even though that's changed a bit too.

    I wonder if there's a happy medium that could work for every season.

  2. Most likely. What's your first idea for the room?

  3. well it all centers around the bedding I got for Christmas which has like...branches on it. But I'm going to go with a deep teal wall, which I think will look nice because everything else will be lighter...like white.

  4. That sounds way cool. I'm a big fan of branches.